Using BIOPAP® containers means:

  • Usage of environmentally friendly and renewable materials. Raw materials come from well managed and certified Finnish forests. In Finland, the forest stock grows at a 9000m3/h, while the industrial logging consumes only 8000 m3/h. On average, the cut of one tree is replaced by 4 new trees, thus preserving the bio-diversity.
  • Easiness of disposal. BIOPAP® containers can be disposed of in many ways:
    • With the compostable kitchen waste. BIOPAP® containers are completely compostable.
    • In domestic composting equipment, the decomposing of BIOPAP® trays has no negative effect on the compost. With the recyclable papers and packaging, BIOPAP® containers are biodegradable and recyclable.
    • In Land filling
    • In incinerators
  • Reduction in water and detergents usage as needed to wash traditional non disposable dishes or trays.
  • Composting: material disintegrates into compost and has no negative effect in the process of absorbtion by the environment or in the quality of the compost itself.

    Board is absolutely biodegradable according to Pulp and Paper Research Institute Method EN 14046-2003 and compostable according to ISEGA RAL-GZ 251.


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