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The use of BIOPAP® food containers allows for the following advantages:

  • Hygiene. BIOPAP® food containers and dishes are disposable and are used    only once.
  • Enviromental Awareness. BIOPAP® food containers and dishes have no    negative impact on the environment.
  • Versatility. BIOPAP® dual ovenable containers can be used from freezer to    oven (both microwave and traditional).
  • Convenience. Food and ready made dishes, baked or re-heated in BIOPAP®    containers, keep their warmth longer than normal dishes.
  • Safety. You can move BIOPAP® containers straight from the oven by holding    the edges without the risk of burning.
  • Practicality. You can eat directly from BIOPAP® containers using cutlery    without the risk of perforation.
  • Ease. Dispose of:
    • With the compostable kitchen waste
    • With the recyclable papers and packaging
    • In the normal trash can
  • Ergo dynamic. Once used, BIOPAP® containers can be easily crushed or    folded, minimising the volume in the trash can.
  • Economical. Their use reduces the consumption of fresh water and detergents    needed to wash traditional non disposable dishes or trays.
  • Variety. The wide range of shapes and sizes makes it easy to find the right    size for any occasion or need.


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