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The innovative BIOPAP® food containers fulfill the most demanding needs of the food and gastronomy sector. Using BIOPAP®containers means choice among a wide range of shapes and sizes allowing use of suitable containers for each and every product.

By using BIOPAP® containers food professionals and the food industry provide the end user with a valuable service in terms of user friendliness and convenience:

  • No additional packaging needed
  • From freezer to oven
  • Dual ovenable
  • You can eat from it directly
  • Easy to dispose of

BIOPAP® food containers add value to the food product they contain and allow a high differentiation perceived by the end user:

  • Communicate value of the product through the printing of messages on the outer surface
  • Environmental friendly
  • Saves time for the end user
  • Easy to dispose of

For these reasons, BIOPAP® food containers are often used as an additional marketing and sales tool for the food product itself.


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