About Biopap - Office & Factory

BIOPAP® is the brand associated with innovative and environmentally-friendly food container lines designed for the most demanding food packaging applications.

BIOPAP® food containers are monomaterial, biodegradable and compostable. Their key feature is suitability of use from freezer to oven. Cartonspecialist Ltd. is the producer and distributor of the BIOPAP® food containers and is located in Milan Italy. Cartonspecialist is active both on the domestic market and abroad.

The founders and management have extensive experience in the paper and board industry. This solid background allows Cartonspecialist to capitalise on knowledge and experience and target the leadership in environmental friendly dual ovenable food packaging containers.

The company operates from 2 industrial buildings. The second and latest was finished in 2005 and was built according to bio-architecture principles, reducing to the minimum the environmental impact of the construction and using only environment-friendly and recyclable materials.

The specific design minimizes the consumption of energy, both for its heating/cooling and for its lighting. The roof has been constructed incorporating solar cells with the aim of producing electric energy from the sun. Cartonspecialist Ltd has two business units. The tray division is focused on the development production and marketing of the BIOPAP® trays.


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